Deal quick with iif error in SSRS report


It is very confused if you see “iif” error when building/rebuilding/deploying SSRS report. The reason why it is confused is you can’t easily locate where the error is.

Following steps may help if you are in the situation.

  1. Open any design in your report
  2. In opened design, click “Ctrl+F” to open “Find and Replace” window
  3. In “Find what:” field, input “iif” and press “Find Next” button2_FindAndReplace
  4. XML of opened design will be opened and first “iif” will be located by find function3_Rdlc_XML
  5. Copy all XML code to Notepad++4_CopyToNotepadPP
  6. Using Notepad++ find function to find all “iif” inside XML5_FindIIF6_FindResult
  7. You can double click each result to check whether any coding has problem. For my case, i found one and by referring to its XML tag “FontWegiht” and “Textbox name”, i can found where the code exactly is.7_SuspectCodeSnippet9_FontWeightExpression
  8. After move the comment line to at the bottom of code snippet and rebuild the report, the “iif” error gone.




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